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Demon 170 Blend E85 Race Fuel

Demon 170 Blend E85 Race Fuel

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When your vehicle needs more out of it's fuel, and what you find at the pump just won't cut it. Once in a generation vehicles from the manufacturer that push the limits of what should be done from a car that can be purchased with a window sticker. '87 Porsche 959, Ferrari F40, E31 M8, '96 Surpa, '69 Charger R/T, and now the Dodge DEMON 170. Seemingly purpose built race cars offered to the common enthusiast.

However, these vehicles often times have had an "achilles heel", that if not met would not live up to its full potential. For the DEMON 170, that is its fuel. Relying on a 170 Proof (85% alcohol content) fuel is required to reach the performance that its advertised, is not the easiest to get ahold of. The common misconception is that you can simply go to the pump and get 85% E85. Thats why its called E85 right? Wrong. E85 at the pump, or FlexFuel, is just that, Flexible. It can legally range from 85% all the way to 55%, and still be advertised as E85 at the pump. And as you will notice, anything below E84 is not going to yield anywhere near the performance that the Demon or Demon 170 has the ability to achieve.

So why not just get some E85 Race Fuel from a race fuel manufacturer like VP or even BOOSTane E85 Race?? Well, as we discovered, with a unicorn like the Demon 170, it needs even more fine tuning to its fuel to reach its full potential.

That is why we developed the DEMON Blend. At its core, the DEMON Blend is a true E85 Race blend, like our E85 Race. With the other 15% being comprised of high octane hydrocarbons (not 87 octane like at the pump), but attention was also paid to the additive and dye packages around the blend in order to meet the demand that the DEMON 170 requires from its fuel. Adjusting these smaller components were necessary in order to deliver an accuracy and reliability to the fuel that is required to maintain engine health and performance, pass after pass.

The DEMON 170 Blend is also optional for the Demon, Hellcat, Scatpack and other platforms that are utilizing the new Direct Connection tunes that are pushing the boundaries of these engines. But make no mistake this fuel is designed for the highest tier of performance in the MOPAR lineup, the Demon 170


Octane R+M/2 100.1| Motor Octane 91.6 | Research Octane 108.6 | Specific Gravity 0.777 | NOT OxygenatedUnleaded RVP 3.72 Stoich Ratio 14:67:1 | Color Clear