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110 Octane Leaded Race Fuel

110 Octane Leaded Race Fuel

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A versatile 110+ octane leaded race fuel perfect for everything from offshore power boating and stock car racing to the weekend warrior. BOOSTane’s Race 110 octane gas burns cooler and cleaner and has more octane than other 110 racing fuels on the market. Designed to provide protection for compression configurations up to 14.5:1 at 8,500 RPM.

Baja or drifting, UTV or at the local track, trust the leaders
You asked or it, so we did it. The BOOSTane team has focused their expertise on developing application specific lines of race fuels. While BOOSTane’s industry leading line of Octane Boosters deliver unparalleled performance, their engineers realized that some of you need more. With a full line of leaded and unleaded, oxygenated and non-oxygenated race uels, BOOSTane has a solution. So whether you’r-racing in Baja or drifting, UTV or at the local track, trust the leaders in octane engineering with your high performance fuel needs. Trust BOOSTane.


Octane R+M/2 110.5 | Motor Octane 108 | Research Octane 113 | Specific Gravity 0.721 | NOT Oxygenated Leaded RVP 5% | Stoich Ratio 14:95:1 | Color Purple