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109 Unleaded Race Fuel

109 Unleaded Race Fuel

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The BOOSTane team has focused their expertise on developing application-specific line of race fuels. While BOOSTane’s industry leading line of Octane Boosters deliver unparalleled performance, their engineers realized that some of you need more. With a full line of leaded and unleaded, oxygenated, and non-oxygenated race fuels, BOOSTane has a solution. So whether you’re racing in Baja or drifting, UTV or at the local track, trust the leaders in octane engineering with your high-performance fuel needs. Trust BOOSTane.


Octane R+M/2 107 | Motor Octane 100 | Research Octane 114 | Specific Gravity 0.726 | Oxygenated 9.7% | Unleaded RVP 6.7 | Stoich Ratio 13.57:1 | Color Blue



Shipping race fuel can be costly due to various factors, but we're here to help you understand why and how you can save on shipping expenses.

Hazmat Considerations: Race fuel is flammable, classified as hazardous material (hazmat) by the Department of Transportation. Drivers transporting hazmat must hold certifications, adding to operational costs. We incorporate hazmat fees into our fuel prices, sparing you from direct assessment.

Weight and Bulk: Race fuel is heavy, especially in larger quantities. For instance, our five-gallon pails weigh 40 pounds each. Shipping multiple pails or larger containers like 55-gallon drums requires palletizing and freight shipping, which is truly cost-effective primarily for bulk orders for our commercial customers.

Residential vs. Commercial Shipping: Shipping to residential addresses typically incurs additional fees imposed by carriers due to the lack of commercial infrastructure like loading docks. When carriers must use lift gates for delivery, extra charges apply. For all residential deliveries, we include lift gate fees.

Here are a few tips that can help you save on shipping:

Utilize Commercial Addresses: Ship to commercially zoned addresses whenever possible. Businesses often have the equipment necessary for unloading palletized shipments, reducing reliance on carrier lift gates and associated fees.

Bulk Orders: Consider ordering in bulk, such as two or more 55-gallon drums. Bulk orders can significantly reduce the effective cost per gallon of fuel.

Explore Octane Boosters: If LTL freight fees are prohibitive, our octane boosters offer a solution. Boost your pump fuel's octane rating up to 116 without the need for shipping bulky containers. Visit BOOSTane’s Octane BOOSTer website at this link to discover our racer-proven octane boosters.

Contact Us: If you're unsure about the best shipping option for your needs, reach out to us directly at We're here to assist you in finding the most suitable solution.

Thank you for choosing BOOSTane for your high-performance race fuel needs.